Midworld Superman Tour

Location: Manuel Antonio
Ever wanted to fly through the air like Superman? If so, here’s your chance. During this tour, participants connect to a double-cabled, 1-km line and fly superman-style over a working teak farm. It’s exhilarating and unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Midworld Superman Tour Details

At a scheduled time, you’ll be picked up from your hotel and shuttled to the tour location. On your drive, feel free to ask your guide questions about the surrounding area and tico culture. The superman line is set on a beautiful African palm plantation that’s about 20 minutes from Quepos. Once you arrive, you’ll either be given a meal or a restroom break.  

When everyone is ready, you’ll make your way to the starting platform and get fitted with a full-body harness and helmet. Once situated, you’ll come forward and connect to the cables. When you’re secure and ready, it’s time to fly. This is the longest superman line in all of Central America, and gives participants ample time to enjoy the ride and observe the beautiful setting.  

Safety is a huge priority here and all tour participants are given a thorough rundown on the experience before they begin. The body harness and double pulley system ensure that you remain snug and attached, while a helmet and eye protection keeps any unwanted items off your head and out of your face.  

What to Bring: Closed-toed shoes, insect repellent.

What this Tour Includes Transportation, guides, breakfast or lunch

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